ARNE Artist-Run Network Europe

about Artist-Run Resource Centre

Artist-Run Resource Centre – ARRC – makes ARNE progress and results accessible to art practitioners, policy makers, art community and the wider public. The platform includes the following:

  • live video streaming from project activities presenting a template for ARI (artist run initiatives) users around the world to upload content;
  • sharing documentation from the project, interviews with participants, research-based articles on issues raised during the project relevant to ARI sector;
  • research of ARI structures of the past fifty years: sustainability and decision making models, organisational structures, retrospective outcomes and interviews with founders;
  • research of contemporary ARIs: structures, Q&A section by region and subjects, and a blog with featured profiles and articles;
  • facilitating knowledge sharing for ARIs: exchange of ideas and opportunities, archiving of knowledge and links to third parties, e.g. academia;

    The ARRC platform is developed by: https://artistrunalliance.org

    Images: AIM Plovdiv 2019, Local Connections seminar. Photo: Todor Nenov.